About Us

Lumin & Jari

We are both academic persons having PhDs from the University of Tokyo and have spent most of our working lives in research and teaching positions in Japan, China and Finland. Jari has also had a busy company life from which he is now about to retire.

This is our retirement dream - to still create an active life after being too old to compete with younger people in academia or industry, but not too old just to lay down. When our kids are grown up and the nest has been empty, we also need some meaningful doings to fill our time.

We love various cultures, gourmet food, and most of all, peaceful and beautiful Finnish nature. Especially Lumin is enthusiastic about nature conservation and environmental protection, and she loves to do farming of our organic food.

Lumin is skilled at cooking and baking, so you can enjoy home cooked food and baked sweeties. Jari is skillful with his hands and loves to build and fix things. Every year the estate gets more technical stuff, which he proudly presents to anyone who is interested.

So, we have a perfect environment to welcome everyone to stay at Pinecrest and enjoy the surroundings not too far from Helsinki and close to Porvoo's historic city. Please let us know what you prefer, and we will tailor a program to your preferences. We will make your stay as memorable as possible.

We can provide guidance in Japanese, Chinese, English and Finnish, so no need to worry too much about language or cultural barrier, when staying with us.

Lumin & Jari